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Tackling Mobile: Android Edition Pt. 1

With the announcement of React Native and the otherwise exponential growth of mobile development, I decided it would probably be pretty beneficial for me to attack some mobile technologies that have been pouring out.

I figured I would start out in the Android track and work my way from there. One of the big detractors (and I mean BIG) is that I actually don’t know Java. I know my programming concepts and standards down pretty well and I hope this will carry me through as I pick it up, but for now I’m just going to let the Android website’s introductory tutorial and move onto Team Treehouse.

The initial reason I was actually relatively attracted to Android is it’s incredibly low bar for accessibility. Honestly, I probably would be writing how awesome iOS is right now if it wasn’t for:

  1. Buying a MacBook to have an OS dev environment. (But from what I’m hearing about the next MacBook, I...

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First Code Interview and Catching Up

So first off, apologies for not blogging at all for the last month or so. You definitely have missed out on a lot, so I’ll try to catch you up in a few posts

Just got done with my first coding interview for a local company here in Portland. For the sake of professionalism, I won’t be publishing their name. They are a medium - sized company that provides a regulatory service for larger companies.

Anyway, here’s how the interview has gone so far:

  • First coding test was an ruby “archeology” problem. This meant that they gave me a ruby function that was syntactically ugly (but still functional) and I had describe what each part of it did. Then, I would have to write a cleaner, more elegant version of the code.
  • After I completed that, I finally got to meet with one of the coders. He asked me a question about optimization (which I had to consult Google for!) and made me explain which...

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Diving in Late

I’ve been meaning to start up a blog for a while, seeing as it would be a good way for future Epicodus students, future employers and myself to catalogue all of the events that have happened. My goal is to be able to post on here weekly by giving with a quick recap of everything that happened. I also happen to get spontaneously passionate about some really minute programming detail, so you’ll definitely hear about that.

Hopefully there will be future posts for you to keep tabs on me!

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